2010 Cycling Update

6 06 2010
Kerensa Sanding

Kerensa deep in sanding duty!

Well, it has been over a month since my last update to the blog and quite a few happenings have gone on.  I raced in the Massasoit XC race and had marginal success.  The month between Root 66 races from Massasoit to Winsted was a nice breather that really let me settle down and decide what I wanted to do for the summer.  Justin and I spent plenty of ti

me just going out to Penwood, Robinson, and Case to just ride and enjoy ourselves.  I have been averaging about three days riding per week with a combination of road and mountain.

During National Ride Your Bike to Work Week I took my ‘cross bike all the way to New Britain.  It is so nice to be able to take the rail trail for 18 miles!  The ride out in the morning was beautiful; cool, quiet.  I met my friend Marc in Farmington and we rode the final miles

together.  Each way was pretty much 30 miles for me and getting into work felt really good.  After working eight hours and then having to ride home the same 30 miles was a bit less enjoyable.  New Britain at rush hour on a Friday in 85* weather isn’t totally advisable!  The final ten miles were pretty tough as I just wanted to get home, but my legs wouldn’t let me get there quickly.

The following day, Kerensa dragged me for 18 miles headed North on the rail trail up to Southwick where the trail is still under construction.  I couldn’t

believe it, but my legs were so trashed from the day prior that I was having a tough time keeping up!  Any acceleration from my ride leader just put distance between us.  Racing at Winsted was a serious maybe at this point.  I decided to wait until the morning and decide then how my legs were feeling.

I d

etermined over the month off that I didn’t want to pay good money to ride around the back of the pack with no chance of winning.  If I’m not feeling 100% I won’t race.  That reasoning was exactly what made the decision for me in regards to Winsted; my legs were roasted from Friday so I called the race off.  It worked out for the best as I got to complete some home projects that I’ve been meaning to do.

That brings me to really what has consumed most of my training time recently; making the condo ours!  From simple things like fixing the doors so they close completely to more complex projects like replacing the in-ceiling bathroom fans.  As I’m writing this we are on day #7 of a re-painting of our half bath.  Why wallpaper glue has to be so strong that it could hold a race car together is a question that I asked many times.  After the demon wallpaper was removed, we had the toilet flood, causing 1.6 gallons of water to pour onto the floor and into the ceiling of the finished basement, ruing a couple of tiles.  As with most projects, I’m starting to learn that if something can go wrong it most definitely will!  We have a hard deadline of next Saturday so this week will be more project completion than biking.




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