2010 Cycling Update

6 06 2010
Kerensa Sanding

Kerensa deep in sanding duty!

Well, it has been over a month since my last update to the blog and quite a few happenings have gone on.  I raced in the Massasoit XC race and had marginal success.  The month between Root 66 races from Massasoit to Winsted was a nice breather that really let me settle down and decide what I wanted to do for the summer.  Justin and I spent plenty of ti

me just going out to Penwood, Robinson, and Case to just ride and enjoy ourselves.  I have been averaging about three days riding per week with a combination of road and mountain.

During National Ride Your Bike to Work Week I took my ‘cross bike all the way to New Britain.  It is so nice to be able to take the rail trail for 18 miles!  The ride out in the morning was beautiful; cool, quiet.  I met my friend Marc in Farmington and we rode the final miles

together.  Each way was pretty much 30 miles for me and getting into work felt really good.  After working eight hours and then having to ride home the same 30 miles was a bit less enjoyable.  New Britain at rush hour on a Friday in 85* weather isn’t totally advisable!  The final ten miles were pretty tough as I just wanted to get home, but my legs wouldn’t let me get there quickly.

The following day, Kerensa dragged me for 18 miles headed North on the rail trail up to Southwick where the trail is still under construction.  I couldn’t

believe it, but my legs were so trashed from the day prior that I was having a tough time keeping up!  Any acceleration from my ride leader just put distance between us.  Racing at Winsted was a serious maybe at this point.  I decided to wait until the morning and decide then how my legs were feeling.

I d

etermined over the month off that I didn’t want to pay good money to ride around the back of the pack with no chance of winning.  If I’m not feeling 100% I won’t race.  That reasoning was exactly what made the decision for me in regards to Winsted; my legs were roasted from Friday so I called the race off.  It worked out for the best as I got to complete some home projects that I’ve been meaning to do.

That brings me to really what has consumed most of my training time recently; making the condo ours!  From simple things like fixing the doors so they close completely to more complex projects like replacing the in-ceiling bathroom fans.  As I’m writing this we are on day #7 of a re-painting of our half bath.  Why wallpaper glue has to be so strong that it could hold a race car together is a question that I asked many times.  After the demon wallpaper was removed, we had the toilet flood, causing 1.6 gallons of water to pour onto the floor and into the ceiling of the finished basement, ruing a couple of tiles.  As with most projects, I’m starting to learn that if something can go wrong it most definitely will!  We have a hard deadline of next Saturday so this week will be more project completion than biking.


Home Base has Moved!

30 03 2010

After what seemed like a year of waiting, we have officially moved our base of operations from Enfield, CT to Granby, CT!  This past weekend was chock full of loading vehicles, driving, unloading vehicles, and repeating!  All of the house things are settled in nicely, but the most important load of all, the bikes, arrived yesterday.  I still have to arrange the basement to hang the bikes from the rafters, but that will be a project for later this week.  I’m just so excited to be right at the foot of the best cycling in the northern part of the state!  Look for me tomorrow night (if it isn’t raining) on the Granby Bicycle group ride.  (I’ll ride there! Love it!)

Cycling related: Hopbrook Dam is next week!  I’ll be getting out in the woods this week to prepare for what is always a mud fest!

Training Plan Setback

24 01 2010

This week just didn’t work for my training plans.  I had scheduled about ten hours of training and for multiple reasons, I have gotten on the bike a total of zero hours.  I am having a hard time mentally getting onto the bike and rollers so riding outside after work is my goal.  The issue this week was that since two of my bikes were in the shop being repaired, one of them had to be the one with my tail light.  I even went to the store to buy a new light, but they weren’t charged and I wouldn’t have been able to ride that night.  I finally got my bikes back on Thursday and with them came my light and I also bought a new “frighteningly bright” tail light powered by AAA batteries.  Friday we went to a Springfield Falcons AHL hockey game and slept in on Saturday.  This morning, my plan to get out early and do some mountain biking was shattered when I awoke with a killer sore throat and a throbbing headache.  Needless to say, I’ve spent the entire day in bed hanging with my cat Shelby.  I hope I’m better for tomorrow as work will be no fun if I’m sick!  I’ve got an EXPO Wheelmen meeting tomorrow evening as well so training won’t be happening until Wednesday because classes start on Tuesday.  This season/semester will be very interesting to say the least!

Merry Christmas!

25 12 2009

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!  There is a possibility of doing some riding this weekend, but will it be on my present to myself?  Check it out!

USA Cycling License Renewal

23 12 2009

This is the time of year when all of our USA Cycling racing licenses come up for renewal.  When filling out that form the big question always come up; do I want to move up in class?  For me, I’ve had a few encounters with fellow racers that disagree with my decision.  The story goes like this; I moved up to Cat 2 this past season after pretty much dominating Cat 3.  I knew the step up would be a big one and had planned for the 2009 season to be a learning/development season.  That turned out to be the case.  I never really was in the chase for a win and I finished about mid-pack all season long.  The plan also said that the 2010 season would be my “premier” season as a Cat 2 racer.  What is making people upset is the fact that I have won the regional points championship.  I agree that if someone is dominant and wins the series then they need to move up, but when the champion is crowned through consistency alone I tend to put up a fight.  Since this site is all about my racing, what better place to put it out in the public eye; Jonathan Sawn will be racing Cat 2 19-29 for the 2010 season! The Root 66 forum has been lit up recently with sly bashes my way, but ultimately I am following the governing rules and my remaining in Cat 2 is the proper thing for me to do. (Even though I have been told that I am making a morally wrong decision by a fellow racer!)  My plan is to train hard this winter and go at the competition full-force to make a solid run at a third consecutive series points championship!

Sidewall Blowout!

17 12 2009

Last night when I was cleaning up the cross bike for it’s return back to Jon I noticed that the flat tire didn’t come from just a pin hole. No, rather it came from/tore a 1″ hole in the sidewall of the tire. That would explain the sudden loss of air!

Sidewall blowout along exposed threads!

Expo Wheelmen December Gathering

6 12 2009

This afternoon most of the team gathered at CNC Software (one of our sponsors) in Tolland, CT for a social gathering.  We had more food than anyone could ever eat and had a good time getting to know our fellow teammates.  Kerensa and I were clearly the youngest non-children at the gathering and got a bit of an outsider vibe as I’ve never really ridden with any of the team members before.  Most of them have raced together for years so I just have some catching up to do!  We took some team photos for the website as well as collected food items to benefit the Tri-Town Shelter in Vernon.  In total, the team donated ten grocery bags of food to those in need!