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7 08 2011

2012 Jamis Product Catalog


Reservoir/Sundown Loop

26 06 2010
Taking a breather out on the dam

Taking a breather out on the dam

Today I decided to take a decent ride starting in Granby and winding my way up around the Barkhampstead Reservoir.  What I didn’t really think about when I planned the route was the fact that some of the roads out in that part of the state are very hairy (read: unimproved dirt roads) and they created quite a challenge for me.  The picture on this post is from when I stopped for a breather out on the dam. Below is the link to the route.  Next time I’ll plan to start a bit earlier to beat the heat!

Reservoir/Sundown Loop
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Traveling to Colorado

5 01 2010

I just finished reading The Paleo Diet for Athletes while sitting on a plane heading toward Chicago and then eventually Denver. The book made many solid points toward mimicking the diets of our stone-age ancestors. I’ll be skiing and exploring Denver with my mom for the rest of the week, but upon my return home my training and paleo feeding will comence. I’m excited as I’ve heard great things about the benefits of this nutritional plan and putting to the test will satisfy my hunger for scientific analysis.

Along this week I’ll share some of my stories and photos from Denver and my telemark skiing.

SVT Breakdown

20 06 2009

Just wanted to give everyone an update as to why there were no entries this week. For one, IT HASN’T STOPPED RAINING, and second my car’s alternator died and put me out of commission for a few days. Of course it broke down on the one nice day to ride, but it was conveniant to have my bike on the back of the car when the tow truck dropped me off at the shop.

Everything is fixed now and I’m hoping to ride sometime this weekend. Weather permitting of course!

Florida Vacation Week

6 06 2009

This past week Kerensa and I traveled down to Florida for a much needed vacation. I’m actually writing this post from my nice and comfy First-class seat that we were upgraded to, but I’ll add to that story later.

The whole trip came about as my Mom had frequent flier miles that were about to expire. My original plan was to go to the USA Cycling MTB Nationals in Colorado, but once I crunched the numbers it was clear that my budget couldn’t swing that trip. Looking for other options, Kerensa suggested Florida as she has family that we could stay with. The numbers looked like they would work so the flights and rental cars were booked.

Getting into Miami International was noneventful and we were quickly in our Chevy Malibu rental car (not too bad…for a Chevy) and on our way to Port St. Lucie, the home of our more than generous host, Eileen. Port St Lucie is about two hours north of Miami on the east coast of the state.

I’m glad I didn’t bring my bike as the roads were very narrow and the weather was much too hot for me to ride in.

We hung around the house for the first couple of days, laying by the pool and just relaxing. Monday we went to Discovery Cove in Orlando and snorkeled with stingrays! Tuesday was another relaxation day because the rest of the week would be crazy. Wednesday we were back in Orlando at Sea World. We left our great hosts house to venture down to Key West for our last anticipated night. Driving back to Miami on Friday, I could see the storm brewing and when the sky opened up it was unreal!

You’ve all seen the clips on tv where the cars are driving through flood water; well that was us! I’ve never seen so much rain in such a short time and that leaves out the lightning! At the airport we learn that flights are delayed and our kept getting pushed back until it was cancelled. The best we could get was a flight at the same time the next day so we booked a room at the airport hotel and hunkered down for the night without our bags or any clean clothes. Spending so much time in an airport is no fun, I can tell you! We finally got on the plane on Saturday and were upgraded to first class, but that only made up for the inconveniance so much. The pilot slammed the plane onto the runway and we all were very thankful to be on terra firma!

I had a good time even though the lack of hills and the dead straight roads were depressing. Florida in June is not the place to be if you don’t like it hot and humid!

Forest Park Road Ride

25 05 2009

Today Kerensa wanted to do some biking and I needed to work my sore legs a bit so we decided to ride out to Forest Park in Springfield, MA. The ride to the park is about 5 miles of relatively flat roads. We were lucky that the Memorial Day traffic avoided our chosen route as we enjoyed smooth roads with very few cars!

Once in the park we rode all around the duck and frog ponds, up to the carriage house, and over to the zoo. We didn’t want to scare any animals with our attire so we stayed outside for today! The area around the ball fields were packed with people enjoying the nice weather and celebrating the holiday.

After a bit more riding in the park it was time to head back. we took Rte. 5 home to oogle over the huge historical houses in Longmeadow.

In total the ride was about 17 miles at a leasirely pace, but it was just the thing to get a bit of a sweat going and to be out and enjoy the day off!