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I am currently a Manufacturing Engineering student and an Engineering Technician for a global manufacturer of retro-reflective materials as well.  When I am not in class or working, I can be found (you guessed it) riding my bike!  Most of my riding is solo, but join some local group rides and on occasion, my fiancee will sometimes head out with me for some fun!

I began cycling just as most people did; riding around the woods and streets in my neighborhood.  That was great while it lasted as nobody cared what type of bike you had as long as it had a cool paint job!  About seven years ago, my Dad and I decided to buy matching Schwinn Mesa Disc hardtails and that is really when my serious cycling began.  We would go on rides from our home to Springfield, MA after work/school and would ride rail trails or at West Hartford Reservoir on the weekends.

In 2005, I was looking on the Internet for mountain bike races in the area and I stumbled upon one that was just down the road from me in Somers, CT.  I raced in the First Timers class and had a successful entry into the world of racing.  The next season I raced a couple of races in the Beginner class and it was all downhill from there!  2007 was my first full season of racing cross-country mountain bike racing with the Root 66 Race Series.

The 2007 season was surely a learning one as I finished in the tail end of the pack nearly every race.  My best finish was a third…of three racers!  By 2008 I started to get serious about racing and set my sights on winning the overall series points championship.  Before the season I bought a used bike and I piloted that ship to a solid season of racing.  Highlights included multiple wins at races including the Brialee Ramblin Rumble, Pat’s Peak MTB Festival, and the Domnarski Farm XC Race.  I also raced in the USA Cycling Mountain Bike Nationals at Mount Snow, VT where I placed 3rd in the Beginner 19-24 category.  I did eventually claim the series championship and had a great season in all.

This brings us to the 2009 season.  I upgraded to Cat 2 for mountain bike racing and for the first season, I bought a road cycling license.  I’m still racing the Root 66 series and I’m still having success!  After lots of rainy races, I managed to outlast the others and remain consistent through the tough conditions.  I clinched the series championship with two races left in the season and enjoyed the close of another fun-filled season.  In addition to all my mountain racing, I did a couple of time trials and criteriums to mix things up!  I finished off the 2009 season on a chilly note by racing in my first cyclocross race.

2010 had some changes in store for me as I became a home owner!  Keeping the house running and doing improvements found a way to kill my racing budget, so I raced a very limited schedule and spent most of my riding time out on group rides or riding with Kerensa.

The winter of 2010/11 was one for the record books and it carried over into the cycling season.  While preparing the race course for the first XC race of the season at Winding Trails we fought snow to get everything done before the race.  I was more focused on race operations than my results so I wasn’t terribly focused.  I raced another race this season, but had difficulties and decided to DNF.  Since this sounds like I’m being a “Debbie Downer”, I did do some racing!  Kerensa and I began doing the off-road sprint triathlons at Winding Trails.  We competed in 7 races this season and saw improvements in each one!  I finished the season 2nd in points for my age group and was honored to stand on the podium once again.  The season wound down with numerous mountain bike rides and even the occasional December road ride if the weather was right!

Keep following my progress through the season and drop me some comments if you feel like it!

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