Pre-Chili Case

1 05 2010

This morning Justin and I met at the Line St lot for Case mountain in Manchester and proceeded to check out what the park had to offer. This was actually my first time riding here so Justin got to play tour guide. We started up the fireroad then branched off into some technical doubletrack. Before long we were at the summit and enjoyed the nice view! We pointe the bikes downhill and rode some pretty tricky stuff before winding our way back to the summit. This time we went down the back side of the mountain and stayed back there. I have a horrible memory so the trails we rode on will remain lost in the woods! We did find some stunts out in the woods and on the red trail we ran into the bridge you see in the picture. After we rode for a couple hours we had to get back to town because we were going to the New England Regional Chili Cook-Off in Somers for noon. Case was full of technical terrain that I’ll surely have to come back to ride again!


Spring is for Riding!

18 03 2010

I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but today’s weather completely trumps yesterday! I stripped the long sleeve under the kit and rocked a full summer outfit! I even saw a few other cyclists on the road so I’m not the only one that took advantage of the day. I’m hoping to get in some miles tomorrow but my plans are always up in the air on Friday nights. I’m thinking plans will have to wait if the temperature is above 70!

I’m feeling really good on these last few rides and I’m excited for the racing season! April 10 will be here before we know it!

Solo Training Ride

19 07 2009

Since the weather today was too nice to pass up, I held off on doing my homework and went riding. I decided to do a completely different route than normal and I wound up doing about 40 miles. My ride took me out through East Windsor, Ellington, Rockville, Tolland, West Stafford, Somers, and back into Enfield. It was very nice to take a break and eat a granola bar on the banks of Crystal Lake in Stafford! As I turned onto 190 in Stafford I remembered that I would be climbing for the next few miles and I vowed to actually think about the route that I ride before I ride it! The hill down from the hospital was CRAZY! I’m still amazed at the lack of verbal and physical assaults since I was traveling through some serious redneck country!